Dinner Menu

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

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To Begin

Chilled Avocado “Veloute”, chicken salad, jalapeno, crumbled nachos and crema

Strawberries. Radish and Pea Shoots, Maple Brook mozzarella, buttermilk, basil, black pepper, farro

Braised Kale Salad, pancetta, roasted shallot, garlic scapes, Eleven Brothers goat tomme


Overmeade Marinated Asparagus, bonito aioli, Jonah crab, crumbled egg, butter crumbs, chervil pistou

Watermelon “Tartare” and Fried Halloumi, pickled rind, pepperoncini, oregano, poppy seeds, fennel

Warm Salad of Dandelion Greens, Bone Marrow and Spinach, slow poached egg, Parmesan, aged balsamic

Pete’s Greens, creamed nigella seed vinaigrette, dill pickled green strawberries, popped amaranth

Cricket Creek Veal Agnolotti, zucchini puree, caper, raisin, sun dried tomato, chilies and saffron


pick one, two or all three

Cricket Creek veal and pork rillettes          Shad roe and pancetta pate             Swordfish rillettes


To Continue

Misty Knoll Chicken Breast, chicken wing sausage, creamed spinach and barley, salad turnips

Fried Pollock, salt cod, pea and potato “hash”, butter lettuce, green goddess and pickled mussels

Seared NEFF Butchers Steak, smoked quinoa, BBQ’d beef jam, kohlrabi, scallions

Spaghetti, shaved zucchini, garlic scape, pine nut and green olive pesto, Parmesan




Lemon Cheesecake, more lemon, coco almond graham crumbs, yogurt granita

Warm Crumbled Corn Bread, rhubarb jam, strawberries, jalapeno ice cream and toasted corn flakes

Almond Cake, Austin’s mango, candied cherries, whipped cream and a chocolate truffle



Chef/Owner Bjorn Somlo                         Chef de Cuisine Raymond Stalker