Dinner Menu

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

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Leaves and Vegetables



Button Mushroom and Slow Poached Egg

peas, charred ramp vinaigrette, chives and bulgur wheat

Fried Garlic and Spinach “Tartare”

French mustard, shiitakes and frisee

Berry Patch Tuscan Kale Salad and Broccoli Hearts

carrot and sour cream vinaigrette, raisins, pecans, popped amaranth

Salad of Daikon and Cucumber

sesame and peanut butter dressing, scallions

Young Carrots

purple carrot puree, warm chevre, toasted honey crumbs


Small Plates


Clam Chowder and Chinese Peppercorns

pickled baby corn and fried potatoes

Chickpea and Eggplant Soup

couscous, lemon and olive oil

Steamed PEI Mussels

spicy tomato-bacon brodo and sweet potato

Tea Sandwich of Cod Salad

celery, red onion, buttermilk, romaine and store bought white bread



BBQ Rabbit Sausage, corn               Trout Mousse, pickled lettuces       Duck Liver Pate, walnut




Spaghetti, ramp “carbonara”, black pepper, crumbs, Parmesan


Pizzichi di Farro, spicy Italian sausage, Swiss chard, chopped clams

Orecchiette, pancetta, kale, lentils, “canned tomatoes”, pecorino

Carrot cavatelli, brown butter, parsley, braised rabbit, farro


Large Plates



Slow Poached Breast of Vermont Chicken

curried rice, pickled shrimp, celery, peppers and onions

Seared Long Island Bluefish

crimini mushroom, grapes, buttered matzo, horseradish, watercress

NEFF Butcher’s Steak

green olive and citrus, white beans, broccoli, portabella


Chef de Cuisine Raymond Stalker                Chef/Owner Bjorn Somlo