Dinner Menu

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

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Summer Prix Fixe
Three Course  45.
Four Course 55.
Five Course 65.

Green Beans from Lee, fried onion, potato, bacon, horseradish and Animal Farm buttermilk

Woven Roots Beets and Apricots, pumpkin seeds, Twig Farm Tomme, white balsamic

Peach and Carrot Soup, honey braised fennel

Cucumber and Tahini Salad, bulgur wheat, burnt garlic, lemon and green olives

Farm Raised Steelhead Trout Mousse, pickled things, toasts

Fried Zucchini, marinara, Parmesan, pickled fennel, toasted garlic, pine nuts

Petite Lamb Curry, chickpeas, cilantro, roasted squash, yogurt

Leahey Farms Milk Poached Grits, Feather Ridge egg, hot sauce, rock shrimp and corn salad

Sautéed Haddock, sweet pea puree, buttered farro, pea shoots, pistachio and dill

Cob Braised Pork Shoulder, corn, jalapeno, almond romesco, queso fresco and lime

Sautéed Veal Flank, duck fat lentils, mustard, lemon, micro green salad

Sweet corn risotto, chives, cultured Vermont butter, tomato jam

 \Ricotta cavatelli, charred eggplant puree, basil, tomato and aged balsamic crumb

Spaghetti, bone marrow and braised parsley pesto, gremolata

Purple Basil and Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta, sour cherries, red vermouth, anise cookie

 Warm Crumbled Cornbread, blueberries, lime cream, mascarpone

Almond and Tart Plum “Summer Pudding”, raspberry lemon jam, lemon verbena ice cream, white chocolate