Dinner Menu

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

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 Smaller Plates


Duck Liver and Peanut Mousse

plums, strawberry-rhubarb, mustard and toast

Smoked Jalapeno and Sweet Potato Soup

Colfax black beans, crushed nachos and sour cream

Fried Chicken Skin Tacos

almond romesco, refried beans, slaw, jalapeno

Monterey Chevre and Spaghetti Squash Toast

pickled onion, parsley and sweet onion

Warm Bok Choi and Tatsoi

kimchi, shiitakes, sesame and ginger

 Pork and Rabbit Terrine

fall spices, raisin and celery mustarda, apple salad

 Yam and Orange Fritters

carrots, sage-brown butter marshmallow

 Warm Delftree Mushrooms and Burnt Garlic

slow poached egg, farro, mustard, thyme

Matty’s Delicata Squash and Brussels Sprouts

macadamias, endive, buttermilk blue cheese

Steelhead Mousse

pickles, horseradish, mustards and toast

semolina toasts (3.)

Larger Plates


 “Pot Roast” of Painted Hills Short Rib

potato puree, warm Woven Roots spinach, leeks, pickled mustard seed

Veal and Porcini Meatballs

polenta, marsala, black truffle, braised greens, crimini mushroom, sage, acorn squash puree

Confit of Duck Leg

cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and apple

Filet of Farm Raised Steelhead Trout

warm salad of carrots and celeriac, horseradish cream, tarragon-beet puree, grapefruit



Orecchiette, butternut and Vermont cheddar “mac and cheese”, spicy crumbs

Penne, roasted tomato, Lee farms ricotta, Parmesan

 Pizzichi di Farro, “crema” of hen of the woods, white beans and pecorino

Yogurt spaetzle, spicy lamb ragout, cumin, more yogurt



Leahey Farm Cherry Frozen Yogurt

crumbled pistachio biscotti, chocolate sauce, orange – apricot marmalade

“Candy Bar” of Peanut Butter, Brownie and Marshmallow

raisin, white chocolate caramel, whipped cream

Sugar Beet Panna Cotta

grapefruit, mint, candied fennel and poppy seeds