Dinner Menu

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

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 Smaller Plates


 Warm Oyster Mushrooms and King Trumpets

fried garlic mustard, farro, egg, frisee

Smoked Tomato and Whey Soup

cheddar and havarti grilled cheese, rosemary

 Roasted Cauliflower and Yogurt

chickpeas, bulgur wheat, currants, parsley, tomato

Roasted Beets and Berry Patch Melon

watercress, Animal Farm buttermilk

Fried Pickle Taco

almond romesco, bacon dressed lettuces, jalapeno

 Fried Delftree Shiitake “Roll”

buttered bun, kimchi BBQ, ginger slaw

 Curried Bluefish Mousse

pickled cucumber jam, pickles, toast

Purple Top Turnip and Potato Latke

chopped duck hearts, apple, Japanese turnip slaw

Matty’s Delicata Squash and Hudson Valley Pears

pumpkin seed, endive, pomegranate and feta

Woven Roots Broccoli and Radish Top Caesar

more radish, potatoes and Parmesan crumbs

Cockles and Creamed Corn

crumble fries, poached haddock

 semolina toasts (3.)

Larger Plates


 Schnitzel of D’artagnan Chicken Leg

corned cabbage, spaetzle, smoked vinegar, pickled mustard seeds

Veal and Porcini Meatballs

polenta, marsala, black truffle, braised kale, arugula

Pan Roasted Line Caught Swordfish

salsa verde, greenish beans, fingerlings, burdock, radish and garlic

 Leg of Long Island Duck Confit

duck fat lentils, wilted lettuces, mustard, spiced huckleberry jam



Campanelli, cauliflower and Swiss “mac n’ cheese”, ham crumbs

Orecchiette, braised NEFF beef, pepperoncini, sour cream and green onion

Spaghetti, arugula and eggplant pesto, pine nuts, Berle Farm Crowdie, pecorino

Penne, roasted tomato, Lee farms ricotta, Parmesan



Chamomile and Leahey Farm Yogurt Panna Cotta

tart plum jam, toasted oats, poached pear

Macadamia, Chocolate Brownie, Coconut and Marshmallow Layer Cake

white chocolate caramel, whipped cream