Dinner Menu

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

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Leaves and Vegetables

“Massaged” Green Kale

buttermilk, bacon, blue cheese, croutons and walnuts

Crispy Shiitake Mushrooms

green beans, miso emulsion, ginger, sesame and napa cabbage


Shaved Peach and Cucumber

farro, feta, mint and sunflower seeds

Charred Woven Roots Carrots

Louisiana crawfish, crème fraiche, basil, sweet corn and chilies

Roasted, Fried and Marinated Zucchini

pecorino, garlic, lemon, pine nuts, toasted salami and bitter green pesto

Young lettuces with vinaigrette (8.)               Semolina toasts (3.)



Small Plates

Trio of Hummus

chickpea and tahini, lentil and shallot, sweet peas and chilies

Pork Belly Tacos

almond romesco, jalapeno and summer slaw

Sweet Onion and “Cola” Chicken Liver Pate

mustards, pickles and toasts




Penne, roasted tomatoes, Lee farms ricotta, Parmesan and EVOO

Pizzichi di Farro, spicy pork sausage, pepperoncini, greens and black olives


Summer squash “mac and cheese” Vermont cheddar, shells,Tabasco crumbs



Large Plates

Braised NEFF Beef

warm salad of corn, brined jalapeno and cranberry bean crema


Canadian Swordfish

roasted purple peppers, tomato, herbs and Romano beans

Sautéed Flank of NY State Veal

braised spinach, green olives, string beans, zucchini gratin

Schnitzel of Koch Turkey “Tender”

Alsatian mustard, peas, wilted romaine, potato and broccoli

Nudel does not specialize in vegan or allergy sensitive foods. We politely decline substitutions and alterations.