Dinner Menu

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

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Small Plates


Apple, Frisee, Brie and Chamomile Salad

hazelnuts, cranberries and honey vinegar


Marinated Rock Shrimp Tacos

kim chi puree, scallion, cucumber and sesame

Sausage and Bread Soup

mustard greens, white beans, pecorino

Pear and Brussels Sprouts Salad

spinach, blue cheese and maple

Sweet Potato and Chorizo Soup

black beans, sour cream

Cricket Creek Pork Liverwurst

chutney, jam, mustard and toast

Skate Wing Fritters

parsnip puree, celery root, purple potato, and parsley

Whole Roasted Carrots

sunflower seeds, grapefruit, yogurt, leeks, quinoa, and cilantro




lettuces, vinaigrette (8.)                semolina toasts (3.)




Braised Beef, horseradish                  Eggplant Parm, provolone

Crispy Pork, pickle aioli




Penne, roasted tomatoes, ricotta, Parmesan and EVOO

Spaetzle, mushrooms, smoked barley, brown butter and bitter greens

Linguini, “creamed” spinach pesto, pumpkin seeds, rosemary


Large Plates



Canadian Duck Breast

fig, fennels, lentil, mustard and black pepper


Brined New England Pork

collard greens and smothered rice


Farm Raised Idaho Trout

caper crushed potato, peas from the freezer and almonds

Creekstone Skirt Steak

kales, harissa, green olives, bulgur wheat

Nudel does not specialize in vegan or allergy sensitive foods. We politely decline substitutions and alterations.