Dinner Menu

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

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To Begin          10.

Fried Green Tomato Tacos, marinated tomato, almond romesco, bacon and jalapeno dressed lettuces

Hudson Valley Corn, Mussels and Chorizo Soup, crema and tortilla

Cucumber and Tomato Greek Salad, salami, pepperoncini, feta, oregano and croutons

Fried Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms, Alsatian mustard, parsley, garlic

Wild King Salmon and Whitefish Pate, rye toasts, pickles

Peaches and Romaine, toasted sunflower seeds, poppy seed and yogurt dressing

Goat Cheese, Corn and Pistachio “Truffles”, purple basil jelly, beets and green beans

Lettuces, vinaigrette (8.)                              BMB semolina toasts (3.)


Next               15.

Seared Foie Gras, Hudson Valley peaches, honey and challah

Tartare of NEFF Strip Loin, smoked mustard, slow poached egg, Walla Walla onion rings


Pasta              15./22.

Penne, roasted tomato, ricotta, Parmesan and EVOO

Orecchiette, roasted corn, ham, black pepper and High Lawn cream

Plates             25.

Seared Big Eye Tuna, zucchini fritters, lemon couscous, zucchini relish

Misty Knoll Chicken Breast, white miso and short grain risotto, peas from the freezer, cucumber

Farm Raised Idaho Trout, carrots, horseradish, beets, new potato confit, red wine and crème fraiche

Creekstone Skirt Steak, Gruyere creamed lentils, greens and leeks, roasted onions

Pulled Pork Sandwich, cheddar, summer slaw, fried pickles

Nudel does not specialize in vegan or allergy sensitive foods. We politely decline substitutions or alterations.