Dinner Menu

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

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Small Plates  10.

Dad’s Apple Salad

walnuts, hazelnuts, rosemary, apricot, maple

Lady Moon Farm Romaine

lemon crumbs, kohlrabi and pecorino vinaigrette

Roasted Beets

grapefruit, Side Hill yogurt, black pepper, horseradish and sunflower seeds

Chicken Skin Tacos

slaw, almond romesco, refried beans and pickled jalapeno

Chicken and Egg

deviled eggs, “Franks Red Hot”, chicken salad, rice and wing croquettes, Spanish blue cheese

Cured American Waygu Beef Tongue

rye, pickled radish, cabbage, havarti mostarda

Chicken Liver and Oatmeal Pate

seasonal accompaniments

Semolina toasts (2.) Five course menu tasting (55.)


Pasta   20.

Spaetzle, mustard, Vermont rabbit and arugula

Orecchiette, butternut squash “mac + cheese”, pumpkin seeds, curry

Penne, roasted tomato, High Lawn ricotta, Parmesan

Eggplant “parm”


Plates   25.

Roasted Coulotte of NEFF Beef

 smoky onions, mushroom fricassee, barley, “pommes fondue”, Gruyere

Misty Knoll Chicken Breast

chicken sausage, pea shoots, white beans, black truffle and melted leeks

Pork Belly

roasted Brussels sprouts, braised bacon, smoked maple, purple yam grits

Sautéed Farm Raised Idaho Trout

lentils, carrots, Belgian endive, thyme

Nudel does not specialize in vegan or allergy sensitive foods. We politely decline substitutions or alterations.