Dinner Menu

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

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3rd annual Burger “Bash”




Egg Rolls

(2 per order)



Eggplant parm, tomato

            Loaded baked potato, bacon, sour cream

Sausage, peppers and cheese, marsala jam


Small Plates inspired by Casseroles


Roasted Broccoli “Di-vine” chicken gravy, a little curry and crimini mushroom

Green Bean Salad, fried onion, oyster mushroom and lemon

Warm Kale “Wedge”, potato chips, bacon, blue cheese and shaved iceberg

Dad’s Apple Salad, peanuts, hazelnuts, currants and maple vinaigrette

Sautéed Winter Carrots, fine herbs and creamed peas

Tuna Noodle Cakes, angel hair

White Bread Tea Sandwiches


Chicken skin “BLT”

Ham, pickles and dijonaise

Salami, olive tapenade, provolone

Egg salad, parmesan

Meatloaf and brown sugar ketchup

Pulled pork and slaw on Texas toast



(2 per order) Served on Crossroads buns


Cheeseburgers, our version of American cheese, bacon pickled onions

Chicken patties, mayo, sweet cucumbers

Corned beef, kraut, mustard

Fried trout, okra, corn and old bay


Vicki’s Chicken

mushrooms, potatoes, truffled soy, lentil puree