Dinner Menu

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

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Small Plates


Spicy Pumpkin and Orange Soup

rosemary churros

Roasted Beets and Grapefruit

Greek yogurt, poppy seeds, black pepper tarragon vinaigrette, tatsoi

Arugula and Apple Salad

crispin apples, Great Hill blue cheese, pumpkin seeds and balsamic

Chicken Liver and Walnut “Parfait”

rosé fig jam, pickles and toasts

Spicy Lamb Chili Tacos

veal chorizo, black bean and tortilla stuffing, almond romesco, slaw

Smoked Trout Mousse

whole wheat blini, caper, lemon, celery root and horseradish

Pilgrim Tea Sandwich

brioche, cranberry sauce, aioli, stuffing, braised turkey and parsnip chips

Sautéed Calf’s Liver

truffled offal sauce, cauliflower

Semolina toasts (2.) Lettuces with vinaigrette (8.)



Penne, roasted tomato, High Lawn ricotta, Parmesan

Orecchiette, pork sausage, white beans, kale and sunflower seed pesto

Matzo meal gnocchi, braised chicken, celery root and cream




Pan Seared Diver Scallops

sunchoke puree, Brussels sprouts, turnips, apple


Roasted Vermont Veal

soft polenta, delicata squash, parmesan broth, wilted escarole

Steamed Rhode Island Hake

spicy squid, carrot and couscous, English pea puree, lime

Nudel does not specialize in vegan or allergy sensitive foods. We politely decline substitutions or alterations.