Dinner Menu

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

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Small Plates


Crimini Mushroom Soup, pickled mushrooms and scallion miso vinaigrette

Overmeade Gardens Romain, bacon vinaigrette, shaved turnips, Great Hill Blue

Chilled Blue Fish “Confit”, citrus salad, togarashi, shaved radishes

Seafood terrine, elderflower mostarda and quinoa

Fried North Plain Farm Pig Tail, spicy greens, cornichon salad and sage honey

Roasted Lenox Squash Salad, olives, herbs and warm ricotta

Fluke Tacos, almond romesco, shaved cabbage and hominy

Cold Spicy Coconut and Jonah Crab Broth, cucumbers, basil, jasmine rice, mint and lime (12.)

Chicken Liver and Hazelnut Pate, seasonal garnish, toasts

Sourdough Toast with olive oil 2.



Orrechiette, spicy Italian sausage, kale, sweet onions, Romano cheese

Garganelli, chanterelles, braised chicken and sweet butter

Goat Cheese Cavatelli, garlic scape and sunflower seed pesto, capers and wilted greens

Penne with roasted tomato, Parmesan and EVOO (14.)



Pan Seared Scallops, wheatberry, split pea and lentil salad, beets, walnuts and spiced carrot yogurt

Roasted NEFF Beef, sugar snaps, zucchini, bone  marrow and roasted  garlic risotto

Sautéed Chicken Breast, Rich’s potatoes, bacon braised collard greens, shiitake puree