Dinner Menu

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

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Small Plates


Pan Seared Waygu Beef Tartar, salsa verde, Overmeade broccoli, red wine purplette onions

Hummus Trio; white bean and anchovy, split pea and lemon, lentil and garlic with olives and toasts

Chilled Roasted Zucchini Soup, crème fraiche, mint, wheat berries and dill

Cured Hams, La Quercia prosciutto, Serrano ham, aged provolone panzanella and fried green tomatoes

Exotic Mushroom Ragout, poached farm egg, smoked soy butter and collard greens

Almond and Misty Knoll Chicken Liver Pate, sourdough toasts, currant mignonette, pickled strawberries

Roasted Overmeade Gardens Beets, grated beets, young pecorino, balsamic and walnuts

Cucumber Salad, cellophane noodles, fresh herbs and spicy Vietnamese lime vinaigrette



Dijon Spaetzle, chanterelles, shallot and butter

Orecchiette, NEFF beef ragout with Parmesan

Cream cheese and poppy seed cavatelli, trout, shiitakes, green onions and capers

Jonah crab, roasted carrot and melted leek Risotto (22.)



Pan Seared Moulard Duck Breast, cabbage, bacon and Yukon gold potato hash, elder flower mostarda

Diver Scallops, quinoa, julienned summer squashes, smoky green tomato “salsa”

Roasted NEFF Skirt Steak, braised cimini mushrooms , ricotta and semolina “polenta,”, lemon gremolata

Steamed Sockeye Salmon, Parmesan poached scarlet turnips, pesto and Purslane