Dinner Menu

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

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Small Plates


Farm Girl Farm Baby Asian Arugula, strawberries and Great Hill Blue cheese

Smoked Gouda and Potato “soufflé”, roasted garlic scapes, bacon relish

Spicy Bluefish Tacos, cabbage and hominy

Marinated Meatballs, roasted Vidalia onions, wilted lettuces, olives and parmesan crumbs

Pickled King Mackerel, orange, cucumber, radish and lychee

Roasted Overmeade Gardens Beets, frissee, herbed yogurt, split peas and quinoa

Scallion Soup, poached duck egg, fried shallots and wasabi tobiko

Misty Knoll Chicken Wings, Caesar, Tabasco vinegar

Crispy Veal Belly (fatty), pickled heart, tongue confit and sage-honey

Toasts with olive oil 2.



Strozapretti, roasted tomato and Parmesan

Bone marrow “Bolognese”, orecchiette

Mushroom spaetzle, Zehr’s mushrooms and green garlic cream

Baked manicotti, beet green walnut pesto, braised beet greens



Pan Roasted Long Island Fluke, sugar snap pea risotto, curry

Open Pasture Veal “Scallopini”, chevre cavatelli, kale and sauce piccatta

Roasted Quail, skillet bread, bacon braised collard greens and BBQ

Roasted NEFF Beef, potatoes, wilted greens, short rib jus