Dinner Menu

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

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Salads and Vegetables


Roasted Beets, feta and walnuts with balsamic

Potato Sorrel Soup with lemony crumbs

Spicy Peanut Butter Soup, jasmine rice and cilantro

Split Pea Hummus, carrots, olives and toasts

Lenox Spinach Salad, creamy fried garlic vinaigrette, braised bacon

Shaved Cucumbers and Lenox Radishes, pork panisse

Small Plates


Fried Pig’s Tail, sweet yellow mustard

Seared Strip Loin “Sashimi”, crispy rice, soy caramelized onions



Fettuccini with sweet butter, hakuri turnips, truffles and Parmesan

Strozapretti, roasted tomato and EVOO (14.)

Orecchiette, beet green and almond pesto (14.)

Lamb and olive ragout, spaetzle

Milk braised rabbit and porcini with pappardelli

Potato Gnocchi, mushrooms, sage and wheat berries


Pan Seared Chicken Breast, arugula, crushed potatoes and herb butter 22.

Roasted Cobia (aka Lemonfish), lentils, braised kale and salsa verde 24.

Double Cheese Burger Sandwich, cheddar, romaine jam, duck fat fries  14.