Dinner Menu

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

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Salads and Vegetables


Split pea and asparagus soup

Stewed Hominy, giant limas and pasilla

Yellow Wax Beans, mint, lemon and crème fraiche

Cucumber, feta and roasted onion, tarragon

Sorrel Salad, fava beans, quinoa and leeks

Roasted Beets, oranges and quark with rhubarb

Veal Latke, fried egg and sambal butter

Seared Meatballs, sesame bun, romaine “jam”  and potato sticks



Whey risotto, Jerusalem artichokes and speck

Shiitake spaetzle, rabbit and sundried tomato ragout

Blue cheese and sourdough dumplings, brown butter, figs and walnuts

Braised Beef Short Rib, tomato and rigatoni

Toasts with olive oil 2.



Roasted Lamb Loin, white beans, rosemary and olives

Seared Duck Breast, crispy potatoes, wilted lettuces and currant jus

Steamed Tile Fish, roasted bok choy and white miso