Dinner Menu

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

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Salads and Vegetables


Broccoli Soup, lentils and bacon

Lettuces, roasted onions and blue cheese vinaigrette

Rawson Brook Chevre, garlic toasts

Lenox Radishes, cucumber and herb cream cheese and pickled pearls

Small Plates


Octopus and Mussel Tacos, cubanelle peppers, hominy and pasilla sauce

Crispy Pork and Rice Terrine, Asian flavors, beets

Chicken Thigh Schnitzel, ramps, wilted romaine and Caesar dressing

Bacon “Confit,” crushed potatoes and fig bordelaise



Bone marrow Bolognese with spelt spaghetti

Beef and provolone crispy Lasagna with olives

Potato Gnocchi, Lenox radishes, truffles and brown butter

Trenne, ramp and sunflower seed pesto

Curried goat ragout, spaetzle, chickpeas

Toasts with olive oil 2.


Seared Chicken Breast, matzo balls, braised leg, celery root and cauliflower 22.

BBQ’D Pork Ribs, cheddar grits, coleslaw and biscuits 22.

Beef Short Ribs, horseradish quinoa, sunchoke puree and lemon zest 25.