Dinner Menu

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

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Salads and Vegetables


Potato and Garlic Soup, pork belly, sherry jus

Lettuces, anchovy dressing, crumbs

Lenox Radishes, scrambled egg with ramps and tarragon

Small Plates


Marinated Squid, cubanelle peppers, sun dried tomatoes and olives

Pan Seared Sweetbreads, lentils, bacon and balsamic onion glaze

Chicken Wings, sesame and white miso

Tuna Rillettes, cucumber, wheatberries, soy aioli and toasts

Yellowtail Ceviche, carrot, ginger, lime and pea shoots



Strozapretti, mushrooms and cream

Shells, cheddar and American prosciutto

Curried Goat Ragout, saffron dumplings

Rock shrimp and lemon risotto (22.)

Toasts with olive oil 2.



Seared Big Eye Tuna, watercress, garlic spaetzle and celeriac puree

Roasted Duck Breast, potatoes, caramelized onions and red wine vinaigrette

BBQ’d Beef Short Ribs, hominy and coleslaw