Dinner Menu

Friday, April 16th, 2010

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Salads and Vegetables


Carrot soup, yogurt curry, orange oil

Lettuces, anchovy dressing, crumbs

First batch of Rawson Brook Chevre and garlic toasts

Lenox Radishes, scrambled egg with ramps and tarragon

Small Plates


Marinated Squid, cubanelle peppers, roasted onions, sun dried tomatoes and olives

Chicken Wings, Good Dog Farm pickled hot peppers

Crispy Pork, caramelized onions, honey-sherry jus and pickled apples

Yellowtail Sashimi, soy cream and pea shoots



Strozapretti, duck Bolognese

Shells, cheddar and American prosciutto

Crispy mozzarella and pecorino Lasagna with beef and pork ragout

Rock shrimp and lemon risotto (22.)

Toasts with olive oil 2.



Pan Seared NEFF Beef, roasted potatoes, garlic butter and lentils

Roasted Diver Scallops, wheatberry tabouleh, salsa verde

“Confit’d” Big Eye Tuna, watercress, spaetzle, celeriac puree, red wine vinaigrette

Roasted Duck Breast, mushrooms, cracked hominy and almond ramp pesto

Rubiner’s Cheese Tasting Menu at Nudel

April 20th, reservations recommended

50. per tasting


Orb Weaver Waxed crisps, herbs, local radish, pickled ramps

Walnut tort, apple caviar, Blauschimmelkase and a spice orange gel

Hawes’ Wensleydale grilled cheese, braised bacon, sautéed yolk and tomato fondue

Seared G.I. Keses Halloumi and scallop, chickpeas, black olive honey, saffron carrot puree and lemon

Zingerman’s Lincoln Log tart, fig and beef jam, shallot rings, beets

Dark chocolate and rawson brook chevre truffles, sea salt

**Menu Subject to Change