Dinner Menu

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

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Vegetables and Salads


Chicken Liver and Almond Pate, balsamic reduction

Celery Root Soup, goat’s milk and truffles

Romaine and Caesar dressing, Parmesan, poached striped bass, warm potatoes

Beets, cauliflower, roasted onion and chevre, with red wine vinaigrette

Aged Pecorino, squash chutney and toasts

Smoked Fluke and crème fraiche, pea shoots, pickled pear

Apple and Spinach Salad, peanut bacon vinaigrette and blue cheese



Crispy braised Beef, lamb and young provolone lasagna

Carrot dumplings, pea shoots and lemon butter

Rigatoni, American prosciutto, peas and creamed greens

Matzo ball soup, poached egg, braised chicken leg

Gruyere spaetzle, caramelized onions and lentils


Seared NEFF Pork Loin, white beans and kabocha squash salad and bacon-raisin vinaigrette  25.

Beef Brisket, horseradish and parsley salad, sour cream crushed potatoes  22.

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast, quinoa, carrot-caper pesto and kale  22.