Dinner Menu

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

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Small Plates


Roasted Duck Pate, applesauce, mustard and toasts

Split Pea, Curry and Ham Soup, bbq’d eel

Cured Pork Cheeks, Brussels sprouts, onion caramel

Crispy Lamb Neck, olive salad and escarole

Roasted Meatballs, tomato and EVOO

Spanish Mackerel Ceviche, acorn squash, lime, hot pepper, coriander and raisins

Delicata Squash, watercress, cashew vinaigrette, wheat berries and cheddar

Veal Sweet Breads and lentil “cassoulet”, endive

Pasta, Starches and Grains


Strozapretti, kale, sweet onion and thyme and Parmesan – sunflower seed pesto

Black pepper and Parmesan spaetzle with braised rabbit, cabbage and mustard

Potato gnocchi, rock shrimp, leeks, preserved lemon and butter (22.)

Butternut squash and quinoa with steamed mussels, rosemary and shallot

Spaghetti, clam and bacon broth, parsley, chili and lemon

Toasted bread and olive oil    2.



Seared Bluefish or Mackerel, polenta and a currant and caper piccata

Fried Rabbit Leg, smoked gouda mac and cheese with peas

Seared Petite NY Strip, broccoli Caesar, warm Yukon golds