Dinner Menu

Friday, February 12th, 2010

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Small Plates


Delicata Squash, chevre, pomegranate and lentils

Venison Merguez, roasted fennel, winter “slaw” and mussels vinaigrette

Pork and Squid Sausage (“Italian style”), white beans and roasted carrot

Crispy turkey wing, sriracha, miso and escarole

Broccoli Tortilla (Spanish omelet),   BBQ’d eel and soy aioli

Foie Gras and Duck Liver Mousse, apricot puree and pickled cranberries

Pasta, Starches and Grains


Strozzapretti, whey braised pork ragout, crimini mushrooms

Smoked Gouda Dumplings, acorn squash, sweet onions

Dijon Spaetzle, red wine broth, chicken and cabbage

Linguini, winter green and walnut pesto

Garganelli, bacon, clams, parsley and white wine with sweet butter

Toasted bread and olive oil    2.



Fluke croquette, roasted beets, horseradish and butternut squash

Veal “meatloaf”, braised veal cheeks, kale, pomme puree and garlic jus

Sautéed Blue Fish, wilted iceberg, cauliflower risotto