Dinner Menu

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

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Small Plates


Miso Pork Rilletes, pears, poached pullet egg and toasts

Blood Oranges, braised octopus and radishes

Delicata Squash, bacon, blue cheese, radicchio and melted onion

Potato and Garlic Soup, Parmesan and smoky eggplant

Seared Scallops, carrot puree, white carrots, chub carrots and lentils  (25. Double)

Crispy Pork Belly, yams, black eyed peas and hoisin peanut butter

Roasted Beets, smoked mackerel, grapefruit sour cream and shallots

Pan Seared Rabbit Loin, saffron couscous and smoked mushrooms (25. Double)

Pasta, Starches and Grains


Sourdough Gnocchi, whey braised pork and porcini ragout

Squid Bolognese, squid ink spaghetti

Foie Gras Dumplings, roasted roots and sweet onion

Braised chicken and split peas, rice and ham

Toasted bread and olive oil    2.



Roasted Bluefish, celery root puree, wilted iceberg lettuce and lemon

Petite NY Strip, potatoes, capers, green olives and kale

Sautéed Pork, cabbage, mustard spaetzle and apricot