Dinner Menu

Friday, January 15th, 2010

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Small Plates


Sautéed Shiitakes, soy smoked shrooms, yolk and rice congee

Beef Liver Scrapple, balsamic jus, and roasted onion

Octopus Confit, potatoes, oranges, beets and salsa verde

Poached Petite Oeuf, bacon “beurre”, caviar, couscous and wilted lettuces

Brussels Sprouts, miso braise pork, sesame and bonito

Cauliflower, caramelized fennel, charred lemon and poppy seed crumbs

Broccoli and Almond romesco soup, green olives

Pasta, starches and grains


Foie gras and potato pierogi, melted onion, butternut and currants

Popcorn spaetzle, broccoli, bagna cauda and shaved pecorino

Ricotta and chicken dumplings, beet green pesto

Squid Bolognese, squid ink spaghetti

Orecchiette, Blue cheese cream, kale and sun leeks

Toasted bread and olive oil    2.



Pan Seared Duck Breast, cabbage, caraway, spaetzle and mustard

Sautéed Fluke, celeriac puree, lentils, red wine

Roasted Scallops, split peas, ham and oyster mushrooms