Dinner Menu

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

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Small Plates


Pan seared beef liver, roasted onion, savory walnut and fig butter

Yogurt braised chicken and apple, fennel and chickpeas

Beets, wasabi tobiko, and soy smoked mushrooms

Asian rice porridge, spicy chicken sausage, Brussels sprouts and a poached egg

Smoked duck breast, roasted eggplant and charred grapefruit jam

Roasted chicken wings, chipotle and lemon

Pasta, starches and grains


Spaghetti and beef bologenese

Sour cream spaetzle, squid, lamb sausage

Orecchiette, ricotta, pancetta and kale

Chicken dumplings, blue cheese, melted onions and currants

Soba and miso braised pork

Toasted bread and olive oil    2.

Tasting menu


Foie gras terrine, bacon brioche and micro arugula

Pan seared quail, tomato gastrique

Popcorn, butternut squash and paprika soup, sherry vinegar

Pan seared duck breast, cassoulet beans and truffled Parmesan jus

Cornmeal and almond cake, poached dates and candied grapefruit