Dinner Menu

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

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Dinner Menu


Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates



Smoked skate, apple, grapefruit and horseradish


Crispy pork, figs and balsamic (fatty)


Sliced tomato, clam vinaigrette


Salt cod, celery root, bacon, collard greens and egg


Eggplant and sweet peppers, bread


Roasted Jerusalem and sweet onion soup, curry


Rabbit and currant ballotine, petite cassoulet, beet  green chutney


Sliced suckling pork loin, roasted crimini mushrooms and hazelnut vinaigrette



Pasta, Noodles and Grains



Beef shin, polenta and caramelized onions


Whey braised pork ragout, Trofie, porcini


Spiced couscous and braised lamb


Ricotta gnocchi, green olive, hot peppers, garlic and herbs


Turnip risotto, parmesan and pancetta




Simple, etc.



Penne with roasted tomato and Parmesan            or            Local lettuces with red wine vinaigrette