Dinner Menu

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

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Dinner menu 9/26/09


Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates



Apple, celery root, pumpkin seeds and horseradish


Great Hill blue cheese, crostini and apple-shallot chutney


Roasted beets, sunchokes and charred lemon vinaigrette


Baby squashes, Caesar and marinated white anchovies


Skate “confit”, crimini mushrooms and pickled cauliflower


Charred Hungarian hot wax peppers, seared lamb sashimi and rosemary salt


Sautéed hominy, calamari, lime, chili, pancetta and sesame


 Truffled Chicken liver pate, cranberry – mustard seed jam and sourdough toasts


Cucumber, grapefruit, toasted fennel seed and sweet onion



Pasta, Noodles and Grains



Spaghetti, last of the season cherry tomatoes, basil and parmesan


Braised beef and garlic with Dijon spaetzle, egg drop


Grits with pork grillades, sweet peppers and marinated eggplant


Hazelnut dumplings, roasted apples, onions and bacon


Braised duck, vermicelli, cabbage, herbs and mirin



Simple, etc.


Creamed yellow peas, toast and prosciutto      Or     Penne with roasted tomato and Parmesan