Dinner Menu

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

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Soups, salads and small plates


Jerusalem artichoke soup, sunchoke salad


Pear, braised radicchio and walnut


Pan seared beef liver, bacon and roasted onions


Duck liver pate, currant and caper mustard and toasts


Golden beets, warm curry and yogurt


Oatmeal and foie gras “bar”, sweet pickles


Arugula, olives, cornmeal croutons and tarragon pistou


Pork belly, tete de cochon, parsnips


Pasta, starches and grains


Red wine beef stew, turnips and horseradish spaetzle    16. 


Trenne, roasted tomato parmesan and EVOO    8. 


linguini, turnip green pesto    10.


Roasted garlic dumplings, “summer spinach”, brown butter and barley    15.


Mushroom ragout, cheddar polenta    15.


Gnocchi, leeks, Brussels and smoked ham  15.


Toasted bread and olive oil    2.







Poached chicken breast, matzo balls and cabbage


Pan seared duck breast, lentils, orange caramel


Roasted Pollock, kale, fried gratin,