Dinner Menu

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

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Tastes and small plates    



Crispy Pork belly and caramelized cabbage


Polenta “tete de cochon”, onions


Pan seared Pollock, chickpea curry

(lg size only)


Duck liver pate, capers and currants


House smoked guanciale, pickles


Goat cheese flan, American sturgeon caviar


Brown butter poached John dory, remoulade (large only)


Vegetables and salads      



Fried Jerusalem artichokes, sambal aioli


Brussels, bacon and onions


Scarlet turnips, truffles and swiss

Chicory, blue cheese vinaigrette, fried bread croutons and green olives


Shiitakes, endive and garlic


Potato and pancetta gratin, fried egg



Pasta, starches and grains      


Trenne, roasted tomato parmesan and EVOO    8.


Parsnip carbonara, pancetta and garganelli    12.


linguini, turnip green pesto    10.


Chicken nudel soup, potato spaetzle and garlic broth with a poached egg    12.


Sourdough gnocchi, wild Maine red shrimp, sweet butter and leeks    20.


Toasted bread and olive oil    1.




Pan roasted weakfish, beets, turnip puree and tarragon salsa verde


Sautéed ballotine of chicken and foie gras sausage, button mushrooms, potatoes


Pan seared duck breast, bitter greens, grains, orange and raisins