Dinner Menu

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

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Small Plates


Watermelon radish, smoked quail and game rillettes, grilled endive and mustard

Petite Pork Meatloaf, sage and white beans

Kale and White Bean Soup, poach egg, parmesan

Pecorino Toscano, fig mostrada, arugula chutney, marinated apples

Roasted Beets, wasabi tobiko, pickled diakon and soy cream



Sourdough dumplings, braised rabbit and parsley

Pork sausage, roasted fennel, potato and orecchiette

Linguini with arugula and sunflower seed pesto, Blue Moon Shrooms and cream

Bolognese, papardelle and parmesan

Spaghetti with butternut squash and cheddar

Toasted Bread with olive oil    2.



Brussels Sprouts with bacon

Crimini Mushrooms, roasted garlic

Sautéed Potato, sriracha, butter and sesame

Meat and Seafood


Pan Roasted Mackerel, fried jalapeño, grapefruit

Petite rib “eye”, roasted onion, red wine

Sautéed Duck Breast, poached pear