Dinner Menu

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

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Small Plates


Fried Pork, sweet potatoes, coriander, roasted onion and sambal

Poached Pear, warm farmer’s cheese and balsamic onions

Brussels Sprouts, golden white fish roe, aioli, croutons and pickled melon

Grilled Endive, smoked quail confit, marinated giant white beans and apples

Crispy Corn Flour Panisse, cheddar, curried butternut

Exotic Mushrooms, fried egg, lentil and garlic salad



Ricotta gnocchi, spinach, pancetta and roasted tomato

Blue moon shrooms, cream, parmesan and orrechiette

Veal ragout, trenne, capers and rosemary

Linguini, arugula pesto, sweet onion

Braised rabbit, Dijon spaetzle and kabocha squash



Pan Seared Ribeye (Australian, grass fed)

Roasted shallots, kale and roots

Braised Venison Shank

Couscous, Jerusalem artichokes