Dinner Menu

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

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Nudel will be open New Year’s Eve and Day

For questions or more information

about reservations/menu for New Year’s

Eve, email us.



Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates


Braised last of the season farm girl farm scarlet turnips, black truffles


Blue cheese and barley “risotto”, baby bitter greens


Pork belly (very fatty), roasted onions and walnut pesto


Crispy polenta “tete de cochon”, orange-mustard seed marmalade


New Orleans style bbq’d sweetbreads, cauliflower puree


Warm potatoes, clams, remoulade


Roasted veal sausage, lentils and endive


Sautéed brandade, marinated octopus and roasted pumpkin




Pasta, starches and grains


Wild mushroom spaetzle, braised rabbit and leek ragout


Milk braised pork, roasted garlic and cannolicchi


Orecheitte, cheddar acorn squash puree


Strozzapreti, Braised beef shank and horseradish


Spaghetti, venison “Bolognese”, parmesan





Crispy veal breast, hominy, petite cassoulet


Braised pheasant thighs, olives and creamed parsnips


Pan seared duck breast, garbanzos, Jerusalem artichokes, currants and capers