Dinner Menu

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

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Dinner Menu


Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates



Jerusalem artichokes, wasabi tobiko and sherry vinaigrette


Bluefish, radish and horseradish


Roasted beets, cabbage and pumpkin seed pistou


Salad of beef heart, apples, walnuts and currants


Spicy potato and clam soup


Pickled mackerel, local lettuces and crumbs


Pan seared beef liver, onions, bacon, cider and thyme


Warm acorn squash, calamari




Pasta and Nudels


Potato gnocchi, bone marrow and wilted lettuces


Pesto and trofie


Parsnip and ricotta dumplings braised beef shank, olives, sun dried tomatoes


Rabbit sausage, white beans and Pizzicchi di Farro


Fettucini, garlic, kale, butternut squash




Hen of the woods tasting menu



Pickled, parsnip puree, sautéed curd


Soup, bacon and curry yogurt


Confit, Fried turkey and sides


Pan roasted, turnip and ham “carbonara”


Ovaltine mousse, walnut cookies and shaved chocolate






Lettuces with vinaigrette       or         Penne with roasted tomato