Dinner Menu

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

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Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates


Squash soup, chevre


Blue cheese and barley “risotto”, baby bitter greens


Warm beef liver pate, sun dried tomatoes, olives and turnip


Cream cheese and cod brandade toasts, beets


Squid and seafood salad, oranges, garbanzos and green olives


Jerusalem artichoke Caesar, chicory, egg and pecorino


Crispy pork belly (very fatty), endive, roasted onions and walnut pesto


Pumpkin and foie gras custard, beef heart toasts and sea salt


American Caviar (1 Oz)


Smoked crimini mushrooms, whole-wheat cream blinis and sautéed yolks


Pasta, starches and grains


Wild mushroom spaetzle, braised rabbit and leek ragout


Turkey dumplings, lentils and marinated beets


Orecheitte, cheddar acorn squash puree


Strozzapreti, Braised beef shank and horseradish


Spaghetti, venison “Bolognese”, parmesan




Braised veal breast, boudin blanc, red bean and giant white corn cassoulet


Sautéed quails, foie gras stuffing, currant vinaigrette


Pan seared duck breast, Brussels sprouts, caramelized onions and balsamic