Dinner Menu

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

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Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates


Red cabbage soup, horseradish butter 


Duck and duck confit “liverwurst”, beet relish and toasts


Roasted pumpkin, blue cheese and green olive and almond curry


Braised rabbit duo, olive poached thigh with celery root and rosemary confit saddle


Roasted Brussels sprouts, feta and salami


Beef liver and oatmeal sausage, Jerusalem artichokes, capers and lemon


Crispy pork belly (very fatty), apples and mustard seed


Smoked crimini mushrooms, baby bitter greens, roasted garlic and pickled shiitakes


Nantucket Bay scallops


Ceviche, hot pepper (small plate)


Seared, polenta and black trumpet mushrooms (plate)



Pasta, starches and grains


Turkey dumplings, acorn squash and lentils


Orecheitte, leeks, brown butter and chevre


Garganelli, roasted foie gras sauce, croutons


Spaghetti, turnip cream, parmesan and veal pancetta




Pan seared duck breast, potatoes, mesclun and balsamic


Poached Pollock, quinoa and beet stew


Roasted skate, white veal sausage, chicory and white beans