Dinner Menu

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

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Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates



Jerusalem artichoke soup, Swiss cheese crisps  


Boar “pastrami” and parsnip salad


Beets, walnuts, feta and balsamic


Roasted pumpkin, purple barley and curried green olive romesco


Chicken liver pate, toasts and apricots


Turnip gratin, chicory salad, orange – currant vinaigrette


Brussels sprouts, mustard seeds, apples and pancetta


Squid salad, sesame- coriander vinaigrette, pickled shiitakes and spicy greens



Pasta, starches and grains



Horseradish spaeztle, beet braised beef short rib ragout


Bread dumplings, acorn squash and veal breast pancetta


Orecheitte, leeks, brown butter and chevre


Cannonlicchi, kale and walnut pesto


Trenne, pheasant, pheasant sausage and olives






Milk poached cod, celery root puree and Brussels leaves


Pan seared duck breast, red cabbage, potatoes and balsamic