Dinner Menu

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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Dinner Menu



Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates



Wild striped bass ceviche, lemon, rosemary and pickled hot pepper


Pan seared sweet breads, carrot, kale and bacon


Curried carrot soup, yogurt


Smoked crimini mushrooms, unagi sauce, poached egg and baby bitter greens


Delicata squash, arugula and sheep’s milk feta with toast squash seed oil


Fried Jerusalem artichokes, Caesar


Roasted beets, bordelaise (veal stock) and mashed potatoes


Milk braised parsnips, spiced curd and hazelnuts


Sautéed beef liver pate, currants and celeriac puree


Veal short rib, sauerkraut and mustard



Pasta, starches and grains



Spaghetti, beef shank and tomato ragout


Orchetti, veal sausage, black olives and kale


Potato gnocchi, butternut squash and pancetta


Blue cheese and bread dumplings, American proscuitto (La Quercia, Iowa) and balsamic


Potato latkes, duck confit, onions, apples and cider 








Sautéed weakfish, Caesar, lettuces


Roasted duck breast, cracklings, pickled melon, miso and bok choy




Penne with roasted tomato


Greens and vinaigrette