Dinner Menu

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

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Dinner Menu



Vegetables, Salads and Small Plates



Bok choy and miso, pickled diakon


Curried carrot soup, yogurt


Smoked crimini mushrooms, unagi sauce, poached egg and baby bitter greens


Poached weakfish, Caesar, lettuces


Roasted Jerusalem artichokes, polenta and dill


Milk braised parsnips, spiced curd and hazelnuts



Sky farm  (Stockbridge) Black Angus beef


Tongue, sour orange marmalade, arugula


Beef liver scrapple, oats, currants, pumpkin and pumpkin seed salad


Hangar steak sausage, mustard and warm cabbage salad




Pasta and grains



Spaghetti, creamy white bean and porcini


Spaetzle with beet and beef “Bolognese”, horseradish


Strozzapretti, veal sausage, black olives and kale


Trofie, duck confit and shiitake


Blue cheese and bread dumplings, American proscuitto (La Quercia, Iowa) and fig jam




Penne with roasted tomato


Greens and vinaigrette




Pan roasted sweetbreads, carrots, kale and bacon


Sautéed skate, beets, radish and lemon