Dinner Menu

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

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Small Plates


Watermelon Radish, pickled exotic mushrooms, parmesan and roasted garlic toasts

Grilled Endive, wasabi tobiko, apple and yogurt

Baked Potato, melted onions, clam “gravy” and chicory

Petite Pork Meatloaf, sage and white beans

Brussels Sprouts and bacon

Lentil salad, leek and anchovy vinaigrette and sliced ribeye

Deep fried Crimini Mushrooms, sun dried tomato jam



Venison ragout, sweet potato dumplings, roasted celeriac and red wine

Pork sausage, roasted fennel, chilies, kale and orcchiette

Linguini with arugula and sunflower seed pesto, sunchokes and caramelized onions

Braised rabbit, Dijon spaetzle and kabocha squash

Spaghetti with butternut squash, smoked ham and cheddar



Pan Roasted Mackerel

Fried jalapeño, grapefruit and radish

Veal Short Rib Stew

Roots, couscous and curry